About Us

Latimer Publishing, LLC is a self publishing company that makes it possible for writers to achieve the dream of becoming a published author. With leadership that brings expertise in publishing, promotion, sales, marketing and technology, Latimer Publishing offers a unique mix of self-publishing products and services as well as assisting with the release of content via online as well as physical distribution.  We have skills of a professional team dedicated to enabling content providers to see their music, lyrics, books in both print and digital formats. By offering a variety of affordable publishing, editorial and marketing services, Latimer Publishing helps songwriters, poets, and authors get their songs, poems, and manuscripts off their desks and into the marketplace faster than traditional publishing companies.


Self Publishing / Co-Publishing

Self Publishing has become one of the fastest growing segments of the publishing industry.  Smart content providers (authors, songwriters, producers, photographers, etc.) know that opportunities often come become available because of networks, collaborators and partners.  The best content providers may not initially be published by a large publishing house; until their creation (book, song, recording, photograph, etc.) is produced and distributed to a large customer base. 

Now, any person who considers them self a content provider can have their completed project available for public consumption in a very short time.  But remember … Long term sales potential in only determined by the quality of the content.  In today’s digital age, self publishing in small or large quantities is easier than ever.  Latimer Publishing can help, or Latimer Publishing can collaborate… depending on the quality of the content.

Daily, opportunities for content use are identified and evaluated.  We then look to our content providers and their creations for use in recordings, movies, television / cable shows, and education.

Selling Your Content

For those who own or control content in any form, Latimer Publishing is available to help.  Our services include promotion of content, pitching of songs and stories, online sales, and project management.  Sell your book by listing the first 20 pages of the publication on one of our affiliates websites. Many bookstores, large publishing houses, publishing companies and book brokers visit our site to view the new titles. If there is an interest in your book, you will be notified and can make the deal.  We just want to help. This service is free to all of our customers.

We do not buy any manuscripts, songs, or productions outright.  These are your copyrights.  We do not pay any royalties, we share profits.  We do not market or distribute your books, CDs, DVDs, or such.  We collaborate with industry professionals to increase the likelihood of success.

Authors are their own publisher and as such… pay the entire cost to publish and promote their content. Authors as publishers have complete design control over the recording, production text, cover and binding style.  We do not set any type or compose any pages. The finished copies, the copyright and all subsidiary rights belong exclusively to the author.

Latitunes Publishing, LLC (www.LatitunesPublishing.com), a sister company, is a leading provider or education, tips and advice, with books, and online resources.

For more information, contact Latitunes Publishing, Box 94040, Cleveland, OH  44101.  (440) 331-0700; or find us on the World Wide Web at www.LatitunesPublishing.com.

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