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In addition to publishing our own content, Latimer Publishing also offers services to our team of independent publishers.  Latimer Publishing is a leading North American sales and fulfillment service organization enabling greater sales for small to medium-sized publishers for both music and books to mass market, book trade, and specialty retail channels. Our objectives are to work with our publishing partners to optimize their presence in the broad marketplace and offer the highest quality products to our retail customers.


As a full-service, "turn-key" sales and fulfillment operation, Latimer Publishing works as a sales force, in-channel marketing consultant, warehouse facility, shipper, and collections agent… allowing publishers to focus mainly on product creation.


Latimer Publishing targets real sales and optimum sell-through and don't simply chase large volumes. We work with publishers to find an optimum sell-in and sell-through volume that accommodates their respective business models.


Latimer Publishing's Publisher Services is committed to providing the highest level of sales and distribution services to independent publishers of all sizes.  We provide clients with unparalleled access to information, new technologies, the industry-leading supply chain, and the benefits and reach of the Latimer Publishing sales force.

The Latimer Difference
What distinguishes Latimer Publishing's Publisher Services from the competition are our state-of-the-art facilities, unrivaled expertise, and cutting edge technologies made available to client publishers. We provide a rare combination of large-scale efficiency and attention to detail that is critical in successfully navigating today’s increasingly complex marketplace. Our services allow clients to significantly improve their business through minimizing fixed operating costs and capital expenditures. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on what they do best: publish books.

As an experienced book and music distributor, we fulfill the unique business needs of each publisher by offering flexibility, timely feedback, and exceptional customer service.  Latimer Publishing is eager to share our extensive resources with clients in a concerted effort to foster sales growth while maximizing efficiency through each part of the supply chain. Our clients are our partners and can expect the highest standard of service and benefits from the strong relationships Latimer Publishing has with its vendors and customers.

Key benefits of working with Latimer Publishing:
* Core services consist of superior customer service, customer credit, order fulfillment, warehousing, special handling, shipping, billing and collection, inventory control, returns processing, sales, and an extensive array of web tools and reporting.
* We offer clients comprehensive eBook solutions from conversions to sales and distribution to merchandising.
* Latimer Publishing offers clients a dedicated national account sales team responsible for selling our clients’ titles.
* Our reach to special markets includes in-house representatives.
* With the largest, most advanced warehousing in the industry, our superior supply chain gets books where they need to be when they need to be there.
* Web-based information reporting provides detailed, real-time data in an intuitive and easy-to-use application. The online reporting tools offer an enormously rich source of information, allowing clients 360-degree visibility into sales history, inventory, rate-of-movement, and point-of-sale information for many retailers.
* Additional available services include direct-to-consumer sales, print purchasing and production, online marketing, and display and catalog design and production.



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