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Business Plan for Artists
by John Latimer

The story to the success of any artist in the music industry includes the proper preparation and implementation of a plan of attack. Well, not everything. Quality is quality. The room at the top is still there for art but the number of those on the musical and artistic ladder has increased dramatically. In today's world, the low cost of entry into the music business makes it possible to write, compose, arrange, record, mix, master, distribute, sell downloads and make money ALL IN ONE DAY!  

The music industry has changed a lot, that's true. With the advent of digital downloads, the Internet, and the plethora of other "attention getters," the job of a struggling musician just got harder. In addition, since the barrier to entry into this over-hyped, glamour business is almost non-existent, smart artists, looking for longevity not only focus on their art but also on their knowledge of developing of their craft.  

Preparation is key. Quality is imperative. Good is not good enough. Only quality art sustains. Artists should always think quality. They should always think GREAT. Every show, every song, every recording, every piece of merchandise must exude quality.  

In my efforts to write this book, I utilized ideas generated from owning my own record labels, running my own booking agency, dealing with major and independent artists, producing audio and video recordings, promoting concerts and event, as well as debates in specialized classroom situations.  

Questions and inquiries from students and clients generated handouts and prompted discussions. This book is an accumulation of those handouts as well as many written results of those discussions. Business Plan for Artists is an organized and detailed approach to helping the artist move forward in their career. As opportunities become available for artists, being prepared is crucial. Having an Business Plan helps an artist focus and move forward in their chosen career. Many opportunities for artists may be lost if the artist has to stop their momentum and go back to fix or acquire a needed aspect of their potential opportunity. This is already a hard business. It makes no sense to make it harder.  

Upon completion of this book, and the following of its instructions, artists will only have to look-back when they are updating their Artist Business Plan. The entertainment business is full of projects. Planning, managing and prioritizing those projects are identified in the Artist Business Plan. In many instances, checklists, tips, and warnings within the book will assist artists with their journey to success.  


Music industry professionals expect artists to have all  aspects of their Artist Development completed before launching into Product Development.


 When a music business professional such as a record label executive or concert promoter signs a new artist or band, they presume the act has sufficient musical, songwriting, and performance talent, and are ready for the next big step in their career. This means that music industry professionals expect artists to have all the aspects of their Artist Business Plan completed before launching into Product Development.  

Cases of commitment to Artist Development are apparent when looking at the careers of bands like Radiohead, Justin Timberlake, The Barenaked Ladies, Taylor Swift, or the Dave Matthews Band. Artist Development is also behind the success of today's teen acts that dominate the pop music charts. If a thirteen or sixteen year old boy or girl has the looks, personality, and musical talent at a young age, and a record label can sign long term contract with them, it leaves many years for their investment to pay off. Music industry executives may collect revenues from dozens of new releases over the (potentially) long careers of these kids as some of them make the transition into adult superstars.  

For the most part, in today's competitive music business, the responsibility for Artist and Product Development has changed hands. Independent labels and entrepreneurial managers have inherited the responsibility of nurturing new talent by fine-tuning their artistic and business development and then slowly growing careers over several album releases and constant performances.  

This book is not only useful for artists but also for managers and other music business professionals as well.


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 Business Plans for Artists

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 Business Plans for Artists

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